softwall cleanroom

softwall cleanroom:

1:  The softwall clean room is a purification cell which provide the partial clean environment,It can install on the top of the purification area neatly.

2:  The fresh air go through the clean room ceiling and flow out vertically, that makes the room in appropriate purification rank.

3: Purification rank for Work area: 0.3um dust <3.5grain/liter (FS209E 100 Rank), noise <64dB, the average speed: 0.3-0.55m/s.

4: the soft wall clean room is composed of cabinet, fan, pre-filter and light, it  could be used as single or an aggregate line for your option.

5: the soft wall clean room make the air go through the fan and air filter force to work zone, comparing with the hard wall clean room, it is less cost and more easy install, which widely use in electronics , pharmacy, food and chemistry. 

Customized size is available for the softwall cleanroom.

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