Dispensing booth


Dispensing booth:

KEL hold expertise in offering a wide range of Laminar Flow Work Stations,

such as the sampling booth or dispensing booth.

Our range is designed with open front containment systems with built-in scavenging arrangement. This ensures the powder aerosols away from the operator and the operating environment protecting products and providing safe working conditions for personnal.

Dispensing booth Technical specifications:

Cleanliness: Class 100

Filtration step: Two

HEPA air filter: 99.999 % @ 0.3um

Pre-filter: 75% @ 5um

Velocity – 0.3-0.6m3/h

Noise level : 57-65dB

Decibels Standard – (FS 209E)USA .

Power supply :  110V-220v/50-60HZ. 380V/50HZ

Material: Stainless steel or steel with power coated.


Customized size is available for the dispensing booth.


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