Glass Magnesium Sandwich Panel

Glass magnesium sandwich panel:

Description: Glass magnesium sandwich panel

Width is 1150mm

Thickness is 50mm-250mm (custom thickness available)

Length is depend on your need or project requirement.

Steel thickness: 0.326mm, 0.376mm, 0.426mm, 0.476mm.

Core material is paper honeycomb, foam, rock wool, aluminum honeycomb

Rabbet Joint

Fire resistance: class A

Characteristic: the excellent performance is fire resistance, good intensity and impact force, it also have the general features such as light weight, durable, heat insulation, elegant appearance, easy removal, corrosion resistance, multicolor.

Glass magnesium sandwich panel widely decoration for clean room, operating room, laboratory and some occasion need high purification rank.

 It have high reputation in pharmaceutical, food, beverage, semiconductor, micro-electronics, national defense, large refrigerator, vegetable preservation field.

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