Name Thumbnail Image Description  
softwall cleanroom softwall cleanroom softwall cleanroom : 1:  The softwall clean room is a purification cell which provide the partial clean environment,It can install on the top of the purification area neatly Product Details
moveable clean booth Protable cleanroom movable clean booth  Specifications  Advantage: 1) moveable clean booth is movable and easy installation, 2) it is short delivery date, 3) it is low cost and apply to small area, 4) OEM size available Product Details
Laminar flow booth Laminar flow booth Laminar flow booth can provide a part of high purification rank environment in cleanroom , The fresh air flow out from the fan that was filtered by the HEPA air filter ,then the pure air enter into the work zone... Product Details
HEPA Clean Shed HEPA clean shed HEPA Clean shed :   HEPA Clean shed application: HEPA Clean shed for the pharmaceutical, microbiological research and scientific experiments, which require partial purification equipment in clean room .  Product Details