About Us

Keling Purification Technology Co., Ltd engaged in air purification field for many years. It is Professional manufactory with research and development, produce, sales of  cleanroom equipment and cleanroom HVAC air filter.

The product concern the follow range:

1: Cleanroom equipment: clean room Air shower, Pass box, Dynamic pass box, Laminar flow bench, fan filter unit, DOP HEPA filtration unit, Dispensing booth, sampling booth, laminar flow booth , softwall cleanroom , fresh air cabinet , laminar flow ceiling . Laminar flow wardrobe .

2: Cleanroom HVAC air filter: ULPA air filter,Mini-pleats HEPA filter, HEPA filter with clapboard , high temperature-resistance air filter, pocket filter, V-cell air filter, pre-filter,activated carbon air filter, v-bank air filter with big air volume, Grease filter.

3: Hardwall clean room project, such as design , construct and monitor service and cleanroom fitment material supply, such as sandwich panel,

cleanroom aluminum profile,FFU-hanger frame .

Our product service for biological, food, chemical, medicine, electronic, micro-electronics,skin care, precise instrument industry and Aero-Space, laboratory, scientific, national defense area .

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